Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! 🌎 Where have you traveled to? Where is your next trip to?


I took this photo on my GoPro, I was at The Capilano Suspension Bridge which is located in Vancouver, Canada. This bridge is 140 meters long and is 70 meters above the river. It was a little scary and hard to get a still photo with so many people walking on the bridge, it gets shaky and then on top of it, it was foggy, rainy and cold but I wouldn’t change the experience for anything!! ☺️

I will be traveling to Iowa next week to visit some family. I know, Iowa is not a place you hear people travel to very often but my family moved there from California, not really sure why but they did and I will be visiting them soon! YAY! My cousin texted me in the morning and said “I woke up and it was -7, don’t forget to pack a sweater”. Ummm.. a sweater?! I’m from Florida, I need long johns, beanies, gloves, like ten jackets and if I could layer shoes, I would layer at least 4 pairs.  I am going to FREEZE!!

Anyway, Happy Wednesday and continue to wander!