About Me


I’m Wendy and welcome to my blog Messy but Delightful!

I go by the name Wen, it’s short and simple. I am Mexican-American, born and raised in California. I currently reside in sunny south Florida and attend Florida Atlantic University and Broward College. I am studying accounting and hope to finish my schooling in the next 2 years – hoping as I work full time so it’s tough! I have been doing accounting now for almost 13 years and not once did it occur to me to pursue a degree in this field but with so much knowledge and experience I am confident that I am heading down the right path.

I was born under the astrology sign Virgo – September Baby ! People born under this sign are said to be precise, realistic, and down to earth but also over analytical, stubborn and pessimistic…I think I have all of these Virgo traits and then some, I’m weird in my own ways. I’m sarcastic, adventurous, and like to have fun (who doesn’t). I love cuddle time with my pugs and like them LOVE food. My favorite foods are pizza and pasta, I eat them so much one would think I’m Italian! In all honesty though, I don’t discriminate I love food – ALL FOODS – Cuban, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, you name it, I love it all!

So when I’m not busy with work, school or the gym, I’m hanging out with friends, going out shooting (as in photography shooting) or trying to book my next flight to travel the world (I really wish money grew on trees!). Seriously though, my blog will be as random as I am. I’m an amateur photographer so I will definitely share photos and such. I own a Canon T6S and many different lenses, I am always learning how to use new features so I may get a little excited and just share photos. It’s crazy, you really can teach yourself anything that you want to, you just have to want to do it. I had no idea where to start when I purchased my first SLR and now I own over five different lenses and the more I learn the more I want – and the more expensive this hobby gets! Oh boy.

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