Philodendron Florida Ghost

The day I purchased the plant – August 2020

I have fallen in love with the Philodendron Florida Ghost or I might as well say all philodendrons! I purchased this plant in last year in August on a small plant haul with Cesar, a good friend from high school. I had only gone for plant support and with the intent to help him find the best plants for his home but of course, I ended up browsing for myself too. I had seen this plant on Instagram and when I looked up the plant online it was almost $200 USD friends. I just couldn’t, well anyway when I recognized the Florida Ghost, I new I had to have it but I wasn’t willing to pay that price so my surprise it was less than $100, with no questions asked it came home with me that day. To my defense it was weeks shy from my birthday so why not treat myself right?

The photo the right is when I first purchased the plant. It has a brand new leaf, and was very healthy, had a few spots and imperfections but nothing crazy, the plant overall was beautiful and I couldn’t believe it was mine.

So just a little info, what is a philodendron? Philo in Greek means “love” and “dendron” derives from the word dendrite which is a crystalline mass that branches out Therefore, philodendron means a plant that loves to “branch” out or in this case the plant likes to grow on trees and can be found in Central and South American rainforests.

It is is said that the Philodendron Florida Ghost is a hybrid of Philodendron squamiferum and Philodendron pedatum. The only reason I say that it is said is because there is much debate about the plant, whether or not it really is a hybrid of the two or another of Mother Earth’s beautiful creations. It is a rare aroid and every plant collectors dream. These plants come in a variety from the plant I have to a variegated and splash. As the plant matures the leaves turn white, some yellow and gradually turn into a green. If you haven’t seen this, it is a site to see. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I was able to capture some amazing shots yesterday at dusk and I just couldn’t wait to share, scroll down to see pictures and plant care.

Plant Care:

🌿 Needs a well-draining potting mix that will also retain some moisture I am using orchid bark, perlite, a little bit of peat moss and of course some good ol’ potting soil.

💦 I water every 4-6 days but I really think this just depends on the temps and sun exposure of where you are living. I am in south Florida where temperatures can reach 90s easily.

☀️ Give this plant Indirect light or make sure to have shade cloth/mesh to protect them from the sun. My Flo is under the screened in pool area the screen blocks a lot of harmful UV rays.

🌱 Philos likes to climb, give it the support it wants and needs. It can grow to be 2-4ft tall before it starts to spread but they can grow on a totem pole for much longer. Check out my Philodendron Mayoi reel here to see just how tall they can get.

❄️ Philos are not winter hardy plants, they are native to tropical rainforest that are guarded from direct sun. They thrive in high humidity and can died if temperature drop below 50° degrees fahrenheit.

🗝 The key to healthy plants is to feed them, plants need food too. I fertilize all my plants monthly on the same day, I use Mircale-Gro plant food, nothing special.

⚠️ Philodendrons are toxic to humans and animals if ingested, they have high levels of calcium oxalate crystals in their bodies which can cause toxicity when the plant is handled improperly or eaten.

To see the moss pole I created on Instagram click here or copy and paste:

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