Overnight Plant Mami

One thing about me is that I take on way too many hobbies and becoming a plant mami was one of those hobbies I definitely saw coming just not as fast as it happened. I literally went from zero to one hundred like it’s no one’s business but of course I would, my family has always had tons of plants, especially monstera deliciosas, I will have to dig up these photos to share! I like to think I am crafty and a nurturer by nature but nurturing plants is like a full time job, well when you have as many as I do. They require a lot of patience, love and maintenance.

Anyway, in my last year of college I had this huge project and I did a ton of research on CO2, that was’t the topic my project was on I just got really detailed and wanted to support my invention (don’t judge me, I am very over the top, I am a Virgo) which was a sustainable workout machine. I was surprised I went into such a deep wormhole but I am happy I did because I learned so much like how CO2 builds up in our homes and the effects it can have on the human body. Many of us today rely on our conditioning to keep us cool in the summer months or if you are like me who lives in Florida, year-round!

Air conditioners recirculate the air so that means all that CO2 is recirculating and just building up, let’s face it we aren’t opening those windows to let that fresh air in anytime soon and before I dive into plants I just want to let you know the effects CO2 can have on the body. Per the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, CO2 in high amounts can cause headaches, dizziness, restlessness, sweating, tiredness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and more. Have you ever spent the entire weekend home binge watching that show you have been dying to get through so you can talk to your friends about it and then somewhere in the binge watching adventure you suddenly feel tired, lazy and lethargic? Part of that is the CO2. Things like turning on your stove, your oven, or heating systems increase CO2 and we aren’t letting any other kind of circulation in, obviously the build up is not enough to kill you but with time you may notice side effects. Maybe.

My Monstera Deliciosa, Frank.

This is where plants come in, remember when we learned about photosynthesis in like elementary school? It’s a process in which plants use energy from the sun to convert CO2 and water to oxygen. Plants need CO2 and not in high amounts either, so having them in your home can help purify the air, remove CO2 build up and they will make you happy. No seriously, plants make people happy.

So how did I become this overnight plant mami? Healing. Plants have helped me heal in so many ways. I felt broken, sad and unmotivated especially since being diagnosed with endometriosis last year, I had found myself in the dark a lot with too much time to think and also I had graduated in December 2019 so there was nothing to keep my mind busy. I honestly didn’t know what to do with my time and so one day I walked into a nursery after work, I had felt sad all day and just wanted to get fresh air welp, lol I walked out with three plants. I absolutely loved the life and aesthetic look the plants brought to my home so much that I went back again three times that week. Fast forward nine months later, I now have over 80 different plants, everything from the common “cheap” plants to the “collector” plants, not quite at the Albo status but maybe one day. Don’t know what an Albo is, you will soon!

My collection continues to grow and every time I say ‘I am done no more plants’ I see a new plant I want. I feel like one day I woke up and I was living in a jungle, better yet a rainforest! Something about my sunroom that just smells so earthy, so lovely, it’s literally my own oasis, Thank God I have a husband who loves the plants as much as I do so much he made sure that when we purchased our house that it had tons of windows and natural light. What did I do to deserve this human being?

This was before I moved plants outside.
My sunroom now which is an east facing window.

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