New Bike!

I have been wanting a bike for I don’t even know how long!

I mean, I haven’t owned one since I was a child so when my friends and I decided to trade in our “Craft Beer Wednesday’s” – where we drank A LOT – in for something recreational I was all down for it! But what I didn’t realize was that I would spend about two maybe three weeks researching bikes and completely feeling lost. One of my girlfriends said she was going to invest in a road bike since she already has a hybrid so I was like well maybe I will get the road bike. I didn’t realize that this bike would be limited and is exactly what it is, a road bike, meant for the road like those cyclist that go in pacts. I wanted something more versatile so I quickly scratched this one off my list.

I wanted to do trails but I am no expert and so the research continued for the next week or so, I was debating between a mountain bike and a hybrid. I really wanted a mountain bike because where I live by the Everglades there are dirt and gravel trails that stretch about 27 miles long. I also wanted to casually ride my bike around the neighborhood and with my friends who all have road bikes. I know I am going to be left in the dust but I am doing my biking for fun and fitness where they might be a little bit more competitive.

Anyway, I bought the Nishiki Anasazi Hybrid Bike, which was decently priced but i had to buy a bunch of accessories and that quickly added up. I couldn’t be happier! I have owned the bike for now a week and have gone biking three times, I am in LOVE. The colors, the smooth ride, the suspension to help with bumps, nice treading for light gravel and dirt. I mean, it really is everything I could want…for now 🙂

Today my girlfriend and I did 13 miles and burned about 900 calories! I could eat everything right now…I’d really love a pizza and a cold beer but for now, I’ll have pasta.

Here’s the bike! Will share better photos, these are just typical iPhone pictures, nothing fancy.


Snapseed 2

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