Eye Buy Direct – My Experience

To buy online or not to buy online? That is the question.

I am a huge online shopper but sometimes I just don’t know whether or not I can trust a website, especially with all the spam these days. We’ve all seen ads or something offering incredible deals on frames, lenses and sunglasses but are they legit? Just to name a few of the companies that I have seen a lot of recently: Warby Parker, Eye Buy Direct, and Firmoo.  These sites have one thing in common…affordable frames!

I tried Warby Parker and I enjoyed the fact that I could pick five frames and have them shipped to my home to try on or if your like me and impatient you have everything shipped to your job :).  If I liked any of the frames I order online and input my prescription but if I didn’t like any of my picks then I simply return them and that’s it, no strings attached and no obligations. Shoot they even paid for the shipping to and from me…that was a plus! I felt that Warby Parker had a lot of styles but I also felt that they didn’t have enough styles, nothing really caught my eye, therefore, I did not purchase from them but I had a good experience.

So what’s up with Eye Buy IMG_MBD1Direct?! Everything!! Don’t tell me you haven’t seen them because they are all over the insta! There is something there for everyone and I mean EVERYONE. With so many styles, colors, and sizes, it was incredibly hard to choose frames when I wanted like 10 of them. Unlike with Warby Parker, you do not get to pick five frames to try on at home but what you do have is 14-days to return your purchase. If you are not happy or satisfied you can return your glasses for a refund and/or exchange but honestly, I think you will be so happy with your purchase that the thought of returning them will be non-existent.

Remember I said that EBD is everywhere? I saw that they were having a BOGO sale (moment of silence followed by a deep sigh….I love BOGO deals and I think we can all agree that BOGO deals are pretty awesome!) of course me being me and the impulsive shopper that I am I had to take advantage, the only problem was I didn’t know whether or not I could trust this site or even the frames I was about to purchase. Would they be loose, flimsy or bad quality? Is this online website a scam? Thankfully this topic came up at work during one of our vision insurance meetings and one of the girls mentioned that she had purchased her glasses from Eye Buy Direct the year before and had no issues.

“Give me the green light” in my John Legend singing voice…

But seriously, there was my green light!

img_4419I ordered my Frames on Feb. 02 and received them Feb. 13. I am BEYOND HAPPY. The frames were exactly as picture online and I was impressed with the lenses as well! Anti-glare, anti-scratch, UV-Protection the whole 9 yards. I love love love my new glasses, I love them so much that I ordered a third pair the same day I received them. Don’t judge me, I have bad shopping problems! LOL.

Pros and cons in my opinion:


  • Website is user friendly and easy to use
  • Shipping is 7-14 days, I received mine 11 days from the purchase date
  • Huge Variety
  • Can make any frames into sunglasses
  • Great customer service
  • Frames exactly as pictured
  • Awesome lens quality and frame quality


  •  Too many styles making it very hard for me to purchase just one =P
  •  More cons….I don’t have any 😊

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The frames I ordered were the ST Michel in gold and the Primrose in Clear. I am currently waiting on my third frame called Notting Hill. I was IG stalking the hashtag #eyebuydirect and this girl was wearing these frames and I fell in love, not with her but her glasses. lol. Thankfully when I went to order my third pair, EBD had a 20% coupon and I scored again! Overall, my experience was great and I cannot wait to switch up my look with these new glasses.



One thought on “Eye Buy Direct – My Experience

  1. I too had a good experience of buying a earphones online from JealousMecom. I saw their add on social media about earphones at never before discounted price and being a online shopping lover switched on to different websites to check if they where really giving at discounted price and i was stunned to see the discount they where offering. I tried my luck on this website and won my faith by delivering the right product on right time. Not all new e-commerce website are fake.


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