Self-Help. Self-Love.

Last year I shared with you that I had been going through a difficult time in my life dealing with my depression and trying to understand my purpose in life. To be honest, everyday is a struggle because I can be pessimistic and vague. I stay in relationships that hurt me, I keep people close to me who are selfish, and I am guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve.

I do it because I love hard and that’s okay but I’m forgetting to take care of myself.

Self-help books. Buy them, rent them, download them, don’t be ashamed to walk to that section of the library, they help if you trust them. They have made me realize that I am a very flawed and tainted individual but hey, aren’t we all? I am not ashamed of who I am and who I am becoming.

Self-help books have taught me about self-love. Reflecting on the good and the bad, the lessons and the blessings, the highs and the lows, and just accepting everything as they are. You can only control so much, so why not worry about what you have control over?

Self-love is the first step to happiness. It is in my opinion.

I wanted to share a few of the books that I have read that have changed my thought process and have helped me take care of myself mentally. You might have heard or seen quotes by R.H. Sin (Reuben Holmes), he’s all over the Gram, Twitter and Pinterest. I’m sure you have come across his work at least once without realizing. His writings are beautiful and powerful, nothing like raw emotion about the hardships in love, relationships, and self-transformation. His work has given me the confidence to stand up to the relationships that make me uncomfortable and cause me a lot of grief. The relationships that no matter how hard you try they don’t change. They just become more and more toxic and energy consuming.

Change your thought process and you will change how you feel.

Check out his Whiskey Words & a Shovel Volume I, Volume II and Volume III. He has more but these books….they have inspired me. I just want to share this from his Volume I:

some optimism

it hurts like hell

every minute of every day 

but it'll get better 

one day you will understand 

that everything meant to destroy you 

only made you stronger.

Reading all together has brought me so much peace. There is nothing like getting lost in your imagination but reading is more than just getting lost it is about exercising your mind, putting your brain to work, learning new words you have never heard or seen. Staying educated and building your vocabulary.

Per Google, it may help fight Alzheimer’s disease! Exercising the brain may help because inactivity increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, inactivity is actually an early indicator of the disease, or a little of each.

So read up!!

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