DIY photography “wood” board

As I was walking into my local Whole Foods the other day I noticed a store next door called Hobby Lobby. I thought to myself “aww how nice, they are finally making stores for men” haha..WRONG! The temptation to a shop is EVERYWHERE! It’s no wonder why women are shopaholics, temptation looks us in the eyes every time we walk into a Tarjay. I guess some or even most women are just natural spenders. I, for one am not going to sugar coat it, I work to spend. I can’t even tell you how many promises I have made to myself to not shop and I just break them every time. I tried giving it up for Lent…yea, no success.

Anyway, Hobby Lobby… If you don’t know the store, what comes to mind? For me, I thought sports, like memorabilia type stuff. I have no idea why I even thought that. So after whole foods I decided to check it out.

Oh my ga ga!!! It was totally not what I was expecting, it was like walking into craft heaven! It took a little bit of every craft store and merchandise store and combined them. They had everything, fabrics, furniture, flowers, paintings, decorations… How did I not know this place existed? Clearly, I have been living under a rock. LOL. Of course I wanted to look but had groceries in the car and it was like 100 degrees outside so if I was going to look it couldn’t be long. Ok, 30 minutes TOPS! Yeah right, I was at Hobby Lobby for an hour and I spent a good $60 bucks on random things I didn’t even think I wanted or needed.

I started looking in the flowers section, I’m a huge fan of silk flowers, I like putting them everywhere since real flowers last for like four days. So they were 50 percent off, I had to buy a bunch for the house. Then I walked through the fabrics and came across some cute patterns that I thought I could use and if not, then I would just hoard like I do with everything else. Kept going and going and came across these huge poster boards that were white and black and had some adhesive on the back. “I could use these for food photography”, done deal, dropped them in my cart. I proceeded down the isles just looking at paper and more poster boards and then there it was, what I had been looking for without really looking! It was this huge roll of wrapping paper but not just any wrapping paper, it was paper that looked like wood (click here). Hobby Lobby also had a coupon on their website which I was able to use in stores.

You’re probably wondering why I was so excited. Earlier in the week I was telling myself that I had to make a trip to Home Depot to buy wood, stain and invest in a staple gun to make a small photography board for my food posts. I just saved myself the trip and the hassle. I bought the wood wrapping paper and the board which already had the adhesive on the back. It was the easiest project I have ever done on the fly. Literally, this took me like 10 minutes to make and to make I mean to measure, cut and stick to the back of the power board. Viola! I bought the board and the paper for a total of $5. BEST CRAFT OF THE WEEK!


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