Thursday Thoughts 

I stumbled across @lindseycatarino page on Instagram Explore, it was a photo of her at Disney with the castle in the background – so pretty. So I clicked on her profile started to browse. I came across the below photo of her, but it wasn’t her photo that intrigued me this time but rather her caption. It sparked something in me, it was as if suddenly the fire that had been dying out came to life again, burning brighter and hotter than ever.

I can totally relate to the struggle, I think a lot of us can. I realized that there are so many people out there in her exact position, where they feel the pressure of trying to become ‘successful’ but most of the time we become something or someone that we are not. I certainly have found myself in this position many times and I convinced myself that this is the way it’s supposed to be, that these are the cards that were dealt to me. I started to become like every other person, a zombie, living but not living. Just making ends meet and enough to feel ‘satisfied’.

What made Lindsey’s post so interesting to me is that I too, love everything that involves creativity but I settled for a “real” job, accounting (the irony that we both share this). This job is what pays the bills but it is Definitely not my passion, it does not make me 100% happy but it’s a job, a good paying job. I have stability, don’t need to worry whether or not I will have a home next month (God forbid I lose my job or something). I can shop, go out as I please and vacation when I can but reading, writing, baking and taking photos that’s where my heart is. Though it does not provide me with an income it brings much happiness.

You know what the problem is? Society. Its way of making us think we need to be something more. The problem also is that most of us who have the itch to do or pursue something that we love, just don’t know how to. There isn’t anything in books that teaches you this, I mean there are but not how to get the courage to do it!

We get frustrated, don’t know where to start, what to invest in or who to talk to that we simply just give up. We all have done it, we all have  given up on something at one point. Some will keep trying until they succeed or if they fail they walk away.  I don’t want to walk away, I don’t want to give up. Not again. Lindsey was the inspiration that I needed today, looking at her Instagram page and reading her caption made me realize that even if there is no income (or if there is) this is something that will bring much happniess.

So today….

I want you to reflect on your life and your aspirations. Are you where you want to be and are you happy? How do you define success?

I have been reflecting on this all morning, when I first started this blog I didn’t know how to feel about posting things on the internet for the world to judge. It actually kind of scared me and made me feel nervous, gave me slight anxiety. I guess because people can be pretty mean out there, ever read comments on random IG pages? I often wonder what goes thru the mind of those as they leave those ugly and hateful comments. Anyway, we don’t’ need that negativity carrying on…I am happy that I have finally started, it’s not much but it’s a start. In order to grow I needed to dedicate time, a lot of time, sacrifice and spend a little money. I decided to take the semester off from school so that I can focus on pursuing my hobbies and making myself happy.

Lindsey, thank you for inspiring me and giving me that push today!

Happy Thursday!

Sioux City, Iowa

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday!

So know I’ve slacked on my wanderlust Wednesday’s, guilty as charged lol.  Last I mentioned I was traveling to Iowa, ugh weather was terrible. I was hoping for some snow or something but it was foggy, rainy and a little cold. Weather made exploring difficult, not to mention I did not have a car so I was kind of floating around or did whatever I could by foot.

I went to Iowa to visit family that I don’t get to see, ever. They actually had no idea I was coming up! My family originally is from Santa Ana, California but a few of them moved to Sioux City, Iowa. It’s really not as bad as people think, I mean, it’s like any state in the midwest, we just don’t hear about Iowa as much. There are no beaches but they have seasons and hills/mountains! Making the sunsets quite nice actually.
As soon as I landed Thursday morning, I paid my aunt a visit at her salon “Leonor Beauty Salon” to surprise her.  She wasn’t expecting that! ‘Twas a fun! Located next door is my cousins taco shop “Taco’s El Guero” serving authentic Mexican Tacos! I couldn’t wait to sit down and eat but to finally try her food. WOW, YUM!! I shouldn’t be shocked considering my cousin has always cooked growing up but these tacos were good, can’t find tacos like theirs in south Florida without restaurants having their own spin on them. I just want real tacos! LOL. I tried two tacos – shrimp tacos and tacos al pastor, I also tried their seafood ceviche, Mexican Style!


Shrimp Taco & Taco Al Pastor – Taco’s El Guero


As I mentioned weather was kind of ugly so I wasn’t able to snap and explore as much as I had hoped for and with Friday being such an ugly and cold day, we made it a shopping day. I never thought I could shop until I drop, well never say never, right? it totally happened. My aunt’s shopping addiction is worst than mine, she can shop like there is no tomorrow. It all makes sense now, I know exactly where I got it from! haha. Literally shopped from about 11am to 7pm. I have never been tired of shopping but she either had a lot of coffee or is running on energizer batteries. LOL. We drove to South Dakota to shop buttttt also to visit my cousin, whom I hadn’t seen for about 8 years and before that it was like 1o years. So it was worth the drive, shopping and all waiting until she got off work. So after shopping, the fog was super dense that we could barely see the car ahead of us. So we pulled over at Sioux Falls Park. Place was dark, icey and interesting and not as foggy, which I found strange. Anyway, I was told this place is beautiful during the day and in spring – I think any place in spring is beautiful though, just saying. They have these water falls that were all icy and foamy. I overheard someone say that it is because of the salt but I didn’t confirm if it is true. I guess I could Google it…maybe next time. Aside from everything, I managed to get a few shots at the Sioux Falls Park, a little grainy but oh well. img_2187img_2181

As you can see, the rain just wouldn’t stop…all up in my lens and stuff! Next time, I need to remember my hood, an extra battery and I wish I would be willing to take my tripod but that’s just too much baggage when you are on the “snap n go”. img_2184

Anyway, that pretty much wrapped up my Friday in Dakota with the fam, just talking, laughing and reminiscing. Saturday morning though, was beautiful…The night before I had joked around with my cousins that I expected to have breakfast in bed – chorizo and egg tacos/burritos, which is a very popular breakfast as I was growing up. I still love that stuff. At 9am I hear my aunt walking into the room, with breakfast and coffee – she had prepared the coffee the same way the grandmother did in Mexico! ❤ I was in heaven. I am thankful beyond words because I was just joking but she went the extra mile to put a smile on my face and she did, from ear to ear. Thank you Tia!

Saturday I explored with my cousin around Sioux City and South Sioux, dropping off puppies to their new homes! Look at this guy, isn’t he so cute!

We also stopped by the Sioux City Public Museum. That was pretty cool, lots of beer history in there but we were kind of rushed since we were meeting the family at Famous Dave’s for an early dinner. It was great to sit with the entire family and take silly photos and laugh and pretty much get to know everyone all over again.


One of my Favs – Familia Martinez, Chavez, Sanchez, Leon and Andrade

After Famous Dave’s we headed over to Trinity Heights where they have shrines, a memorial garden and quiet prayer and reflection spots. It is really a beautiful site. The Heart of Mary Queen stands 30 feet tall and the Jesus 33 feet. If ever in Iowa, definitely check it out.

I wish I could say that the rest of this trip was awesome, due to unfortunate circumstances I had to end my trip short and fly back two days earlier and of course, mother nature decides to make it snow the following day. SMH. That would happen to me! I had a good time though and I wish I could have done more site seeing but that’s ok!  The trip wasn’t about that but about seeing family and spending time with the people I care about..until next time.