Thirsty Thursday!

Good morning everyone and Happy Thirsty Thursday! So I've been up since about 3am getting ready for my flight to Chicago, a one and a half hour layover and then another 2 hour flight on a mini jet to Sioux City, Iowa. I know what you're thinking but we went thru this already! I know [...]

New Orleans, LA

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday!! 🌎 Today, I am going to reflect on my trip to New Orleans…I had an absolute BLAST there! I am not so much of a party person (well sometimes) but I love to have a good time and by good time I mean skipping the lines at the club and going to [...]


When I look a bit on my website’s gallery, I just realize that the only thing I showed are cityscape, black and white, and fine art photography. Knowing that I think it is better to show you that I don’t only do that kind of photography but also colorful landscape photography. This is my photography:… via [...]

This sounds AMAZING!

Oh hey. It’s your favorite Smörgåsblogger, B. and I’m back with another ‘new’ recipe. As you can tell from the title above, I’m finna tell you how to make Cranberry Tuna Dip. Ha. I just plagiarized that entire introduction from Youtube dating coach, Elliott Smith. He amuses me and I’m in a mood, so here [...]